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The Nutkracker Files

Nuts anyone?

This has got to be the most bizarre beginning of any year for all my life.  Someone, please tell me the USA has not become the nutcase of the world. Seriously, this is worse than a D grade movie with ‘really bad’ actors who do not have a clue about their appointed roles.

Okay, so lets face it, if all the states in the United States were looking for the very worst person, at the bottom of the barrel to lead them, they hit jackpot. Every day, I’m fascinated by the way that country is unfolding. It’s like a nuthouse full of criminals found a way to overthrow a government, through a very skillful evil enemy of the state from another country. Maybe, they used some ‘golden showers’ on the ‘G(R)OP’ party, and were able to create fake voter slips, together with as many of their people registered in two or more locations. Lets not forget the hacking interference of the arch enemy Russia!

Sadly, this is no joking matter – not when it involves a country which had a reputation for democracy, building relationships, and standing for what is seen as fair and right as a world leader.

Standing up to The Nutkracker

After seeing Acting Attorney General Sally Yates fired ,for standing up and defying ‘the bully president’,  I knew it was going to get even more messy.  Then as the protests continued, hope and a miracle happened. It was a great thing, Judge James Robart, a federal judge in Seattle suspended the Muslim/ immigration/refugee ban issued by the president in January, 2017. The refugee part of the ban remains effective.  The states of Washington and Minnesota, are fighting this, and I must say, this reads better than a Dan Brown or Jeffrey Archer novel!

As the suspension was laid and the airlines were advised to let the folks travel, there was ‘Pres. Twitter-fingers’ using 140 characters to cast aspersions on the good judge. Of course he would. Like a little child deprived of a meal (like a monster more likely) he wanted his own way and threw a tantrum.  Overall he behaves more and more like a difficult child as each day unfolds. At least parents are responsible for disciplining children, but in his case its the Republican party that has that honor (or dishonor)! 

We are now left to wonder how the electoral college of voters and a minority of votes could create such a mess of a decent place? Its all nutty to me, and I won’t be trying to figure this out. I’ll be writing of course and praying  for a miracle!

These are all my thoughts on what’s been happening in the USA, and I’m sure some folks will not agree. That’s okay, because everyone has the right to believe what they see based on the evidence that’s glaring. So, buckle up because the Nutkracker Files are here!

Thank you for reading these controversial thoughts of mine. I appreciate all feedback  but won’t be drawn into a war of words. Lets keep it clean and leave the smut to others!


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4 thoughts on “The Nutkracker Files”

  1. Shubhanshu , thank you my friend. 😉I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I have been following the news in your country also. Maybe we need to start a global jar of “nuts” !😀


  2. Hi Donna.
    First I like the view of beach very much.
    I know how a comic actor has become the president of USA but we have a simar person in India so we feel nothing g new now.
    I can understand the Impact of his orders on the lives of innocent bilions.
    This is the first to.e I am reading any controversial post from you but it’s nice.
    Thanks and keep believing in you and your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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